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Host Committee

Barbara and Alan Ackerman
Laurie Adams
Michelle and Andrew Aloe
Jane Arkus
Mary Louise and Chester Babst
Leroy Ball
Vivian and Bill Benter
Eva Tansky Blum and Dr. Norman Wolmark
Stephanie Bozic
Jill and Chuck Brodbeck
Ellen Still Brooks
Carol Brown
Dr. Quintin Bullock
Richard Burkland
Carolyn and Bill Byham
Nancy and Ed Byrnes
Debra Caplan
Cynthia Carrow and Jim Kyper
Helen Hanna Casey and Steve Casey
Bonnie and Stephan Dake
William R.C. Davies
Ada Davis and Joseph Spirer
Debbie and Bill Demchak
Laura and Elliott Dinkin
Carolyn Duronio
Mary Jo and Jack Elliott
Karen and Steve Feinstein
Edith Fisher
Kim and Curt Fleming
Marjorie Greenberger
Dodi Walker Gross and Daniel Edelstone
Scheryl and Richard Harshman
Diane and Jerry Holder
Kim and David Holmberg
Lynne and Blair Jacobson
Lynda and Bob Jamison Jr.
Jackie Jones
Phyllis K. Kokkila
Sue and Scott Lammie
Susan and Louis Leff
Sissy and Bill Lieberman
Catherine and Mark Loevner
Margery J. Loevner
Sally and Will McCrady
Pam and Ken McCrory
Wanda and Michael McGarry
Susan and Martin McGuinn
Peggy and Stephen McKnight
Jamie McMahon
Kristen and Kevin McMahon
Amy and Mark Mendicino
Aradhna and Grant Oliphant
Joan and Bob Peirce
Gabriela and David Porges
Amy and Chris Pretsch
Drs. Ellen and Loren Roth
Caryn Rubinoff and Craig Dunham
Linda and Richard Ruffalo
Lisa Schroeder
Sharon Semenza and William Robinson
Christine and Duane Seppi
Jimmi Sue and Matthew Smith
Lynn and Joe Smith
Lauren and Adam Sufrin
Judith and Steve Thomas
Carol Tillotson
Bonnie and Tom VanKirk
Iris Walker and Leslie Dukehart
Barbara and Bruce Wiegand
Elizabeth and Daniel Wilson
Judy and John Woffington
Anne and Sam Zacharias

As of August 12, 2021. Please forgive any omissions