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Member Stories

Trust Member Stories.

Our members have the best stories and we’re sharing them with you. From casual conversations to retold favorite memories, join our members as they talk about the arts, the Trust, and everything that makes Pittsburgh wonderful.

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Bethany Miller and Mark Cibulka in the new Liberty Lounge

Q&A with Bethany Miller and Mark Cibulka, Co-Chairs of the Partners Advisory Board. The Partners Board provides leadership and direction for the Partners Member program and spearheads signature fundraising events throughout the year. Mark and Bethany have been Members for more than five years.

Q: What impact have the arts had on both of you?

Bethany: The arts have given me an avenue to explore different cultures, ideas, music, and much more in my own backyard. I do not have to travel far to be exposed to diversity through an appreciation for the various art forms brought by the Trust.

Mark: The arts have had significant impact on me. One of most important things I've learned from the arts is to be open to all ideas no matter how crazy they sound. This helps every day in work situations where creative problem solving can save time and sometimes money. The arts have so many educational benefits and being open to ideas is only one of many.

Q: Why do you feel that supporting the Trust is important?

Bethany: The Trust has been vital to the redevelopment of the Cultural District in recent years. As a result, the Cultural District has become not only a destination for families and out of town visitors, but also has made downtown living for people such as myself an exciting experience. I think it’s important to support an Organization that does so much to shape and give back to the Pittsburgh region.

Mark: Supporting the Trust is important because it helps continue making Pittsburgh a better place to live and visit. Knowing that you're helping make the city better through the arts is gift that gives for generations. Even the smallest donation helps continue the legacy of the arts in Pittsburgh.

Q: How does the Trust make Pittsburgh better?

Bethany: The Trust brings people from all areas of life together through its widespread programming. It truly offers something for everyone: from Broadway shows, to comedy performances, to children’s theater, to festivals, to art galleries, many of which are free or discounted for Trust members.

Mark: The Trust makes Pittsburgh better because it brings world class shows, talent, festivals, music, and more that not only is unique for a city the size of Pittsburgh, but creates a diverse cultural experience that brings multiple generations and ethnic backgrounds together. The Trust has paved the way to making Pittsburgh a special place.