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202021: a new constellation

Curated by Tereneh Idia

Looking towards the hope of the new year and a better future, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust celebrates Black artists, through 202021: a new constellation public art installation throughout the Cultural District. This piece, curated by Tereneh Idia, features 12 artists and works can be found in nine locations by referencing the attached map of the District. We encourage those viewing public art to do so while observing proper safety protocols and social distancing. This project is slated to remain up through March, and pieces may stay up longer as activity begins to resume in the Cultural District.

Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District: Virtual Edition

Gallery Crawl Website

Dive deeper into 202021: a new constellation with the Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District: Virtual Edition. Explore the exhibit artist by artist, hear from curator Tereneh Idia, take a virtual walking tour, and more over on the Gallery Crawl website.

About the Project

Many believe that constellations are created by the stars, planets, and other objects of light in the cosmos. However, some Indigenous communities of the Americas like the Incan Empire found constellations in the dark spaces between the light.

202021: a new constellation is a body of work by Black, Pittsburgh-based artists. The art, the space between and the act of you moving to view the art, creates a new celestial body; a ground constellation; a space for celebration of Black creativity and people.

You will see images of women moving through the city acting as tour guides, images of celebration in a crowd or with a couple. 202021: a new constellation is an exploration of a new way to tell time, textiles of comfort and culture - joyous, defiant, happy, and contemplative images of Black women.

Enjoy this new constellation being formed at the end of 2020 and into 2021 - a space we create in Pittsburgh in celebration of Blackness and Black Pittsburgh.

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map of 202021: a new constellation


LOCATION — Theater Square Jumbotron & SPACE
ARTIST — Njaimeh Njie
PIECE TITLE(S) — Tour Guides
MEDIUM — Video Series
DATE — 2018
DESCRIPTION — Tour Guides is a micro-documentary series that explores Pittsburgh's unique neighborhoods through the lenses of some of the residents who know them best. Each 3-minute episode follows one millennial woman through the Pittsburgh neighborhood that holds the most meaning for her. By telling their stories within the physical landscape of the city, each woman explores the powerful connection between place and identity. With Pittsburgh, the region, and the country changing everyday, this project exists to preserve a bit of the present moment—to do some personal storytelling, and to explore the ways in which where we are, shapes who we are.

LOCATION — Theater Square Jumbotron & SPACE
ARTIST — Chris Ivey
PIECE TITLE(S) — We Are Here excerpts, What Does Your Spirit Say?, and Go Deeper
MEDIUM — Four-screen boxed to one-screen video
DATE — 2018-Ongoing

LOCATION — Theater Square Jumbotron & 803 Liberty
ARTIST — DS Kinsel
PIECE TITLE(S) — Love Letters
MEDIUM — KinselLand Ltd
DATE — 2020
DESCRIPTION — Love Letters is a performance art piece exploring the nuances and complexities of intimacy, longing and love through the literary works featured in the compilations Love – from Black Men to Black Women and Love – from Black Women to Black Men Poetry and Prose edited by Francis Johnson Barnes. Visual artist and cultural agitator Darrell Kinsel and vocalist Anqwenique Kinsel are newly married with a 2 year old daughter. The two have collaborated many times over the years bringing innovative multi-disciplinary performances, public art and immersive theater to audiences. Love Letters was first performed during Darrell’s residency at The Center for Human Achievement in Austin, TX in 2016. The duo is excited for this opportunity to further develop the work, diving deeper into this very intimate creative process as Black lovers and artists.

LOCATION — 707 Penn
ARTIST — Steven Montinar
PIECE TITLE(S) — Flava Flav’s Digital Clock
DATE — 2018
DESCRIPTION — Flava Flav’s Digital Clock is a live updating clock that uses 142 rap lyrics to display time. Each capitalized word refers to a unit of time and when read together they construct the day, month, date, hour, and minute. The piece transforms time into poetry.

LOCATION — Penn Avenue Posters
ARTIST — Bekezela Mguni
1 — Jump at the Sun - In Honor of Zora Neale Hurston / screenprint / 2015
2 — Anarcha, Betsey, and Lucy Meet their Midwives /screenprint / 2015
3 — Specializing in the Wholly Impossible - In Honor of Nannie Helen Burroughs/ screenprint / 2015
4 — Mother of the Black Lives Matter Movement - In Honor of Ida B. Wells/ screenprint / 2015
5 — Uses of the Erotic - In Honor of Audre Lorde / screenprint / 2015
6 — Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb – In Honor of Henrietta Lacks/ screenprint / 2015

LOCATION — 821 Penn
ARTIST — Patrice McKinzie/ThriftOutloud
PIECE TITLE(S) — Patrice Jones founder of Thrift Out Loud fashion installation inspired by Ma Rainey's Black Bottom by August Wilson
MEDIUM — Thrift and Vintage Clothing
DATE — 2021
DESCRIPTION — Patrice Jones is the founder of Thrift Out Loud. She is a frugal fashion and lifestyle specialist in Pittsburgh. She partners with local thrift stores and non profits in the area to educate women on how to dress professionally and passionately on a budget. She creates content, and gives public presentations to women by sharing tips and tricks on thrift shopping. In addition she has styled store displays, models for fashion shows and actors for commercials using thrift and vintage clothes.

LOCATION — 9th and Penn
ARTIST — Charmette Young
PIECE TITLE(S) — It's Just Awesome (it's a big one)
MEDIUM — Embroidered Canvas
DATE — 2020
PIECE TITLE(S) — It's Just Awesome (sorta kinda medium)
MEDIUM — Embroidered Canvas
DATE — 2020

LOCATION — 9th and Penn
ARTIST — LaVerne Kemp
PIECE TITLE(S) — Holdin Back the Blues
MEDIUM — Handmade paper, woven fabric, beads
DATE — 2008
PIECE TITLE(S) — Mendin and Patchin
MEDIUM — Fabric, beads
DATE — 2012

LOCATION — 9th and Penn
ARTIST — Lavish Lamb
PIECE TITLE(S) — Ava Monroe Turban
MEDIUM — Silk, Cotton
DATE — 2020
PIECE TITLE(S) — It's a Wrap Headband
MEDIUM — Silk, Cotton
DATE — 2020
DESCRIPTION — “I used African inspired fabric cotton with gold accents. The Ava Monroe (turban) gives you full coverage for protective styling. The It’s a wrap (headband) is a perfect accessory to any wardrobe.”

LOCATION — 815 Liberty
ARTIST — Wavy Wednesday
PIECE TITLE(S) — Lima Beans
MEDIUM — House paint, acrylic, diamond dust, gold leaf on canvas
DATE — 2019
PIECE TITLE(S) — Being Black Barbies In Public
MEDIUM — house paint and acrylic on canvas
DATE — 2019


LOCATION — 813 Liberty
ARTIST — Shori Sims
PIECE TITLE(S) — A New Kind of Freedom 3
MEDIUM — Graphite on paper
DATE — 2020
DESCRIPTION — Black hair has been a persistent topic in my life, as it has been for all African American girls. It has been the subject of fierce debate and legislation all over the world and especially in the US, where hair discrimination is rampant. Through these images, my goal is to honor Black hair: its incredible beauty and sculptability.

LOCATION — 803 Liberty
ARTIST — Daontay Knight
PIECE TITLE(S) — The Girl Who Told Fortunes
MEDIUM — 35mm film
DATE — 2019
DESCRIPTION — The Girl Who Told Fortunes is an exploration into the divine nature of the Black woman. Often misunderstood, overlooked, and unappreciated, she's tasked with creating her own legacy in spite of all of the forces working against her. Guided by the grace of her ancestors and elders she becomes the magic she longs for, giving new life to the stories untold.