Trust Oasis

a wide shot of the trust oasis public park

Hours: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., daily

Location: Trust Oasis is located at 133 7th St Pittsburgh, PA 15222

In support of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s mission to develop and promote Pittsburgh’s vibrant Cultural District, Trust Oasis is a pop-up arts experience featuring temporary installations designed to enliven your visit to Downtown and contribute to our city’s tradition of infusing art into everyday living. The first temporary installation in Trust Oasis is Los Trompos by Esrawe + Cadena, which first appeared in Pittsburgh in June of 2019 during the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival—also produced by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

“We firmly believe that these are the goals of design: To weave and generate interactions, human connections and emotions.” — Esrawe + Cadena

Los Trompos draws its inspiration from the form of a spinning top, a toy popular with children around the world. The project features three-dimensional, larger-than-life tops in a variety of colors and shapes. The colorful surfaces of each “top” are created in part by fabric woven in a traditional style by Mexican artisans. By working together, visitors may spin the tops on their bases as they interact with the structures.

“Only through this interaction and collaboration will the work come to life and be complete,” said Cadena.

“The concept behind Los Trompos is based on an approach of traditional toys, their colorful expression, and the way they are constructed. We wanted to talk about the traditions and skills of the craftsmen in Mexico, as an inheritance of our culture. We like the idea of translating these techniques into new symbols” said Esrawe.

Héctor Esrawe & Ignacio Cadena

Esrawe + Cadena ®

Javier García-Rivera
Ricardo Bideau

Alberto López Monzón

Steel structure: Mario Alberto Gómez – MAGSA
Woven: Israel Castañeda Becerril – CBI, Rogelio Castañeda Becerril.
Prototype: Gerardo Domínguez.

Alberto López Monzón, Alejandro Flores, Arturo Bonilla, David Flores, Javier García-Rivera de la Plaza, Jorge Castruita, Moises González, Ricardo Bideau, Sofía Centeno


- Participate at your own risk
- Please do not climb or hang
- Do not enter or exit while in motion
- Children must be supervised by an adult
- Take turns - no more than 6 children or adults at a time