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Armitage Gone! Dance

Armitage Gone! Dance

Armitage Gone! Dance

Armitage Gone! Dance

Sat, Mar 3, 2012, 8:00pm
  • Pittsburgh Dance Council
  • Byham Theater
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Three Theories

Celebrated “punk ballerina” and artistic director Karole Armitage is renowned for pushing boundaries. In Armitage’s hands, classical dance receives a needed shock to its system with speed and fractured lines, abstractions and symmetry countermanded by asymmetry. Three Theories is an evening-length work inspired by physicist Brian Greene’s best-selling book, The Elegant Universe, which Armitage uses as a means for exploring new possibilities in movement and patterning.

“She is always pushing the limits of possibility, spectacularly deconstructing the body with a diabolic flair. Dance that explodes in every sense, dazzles the eye and remains vividly imprinted in your memory.”  - Nouvelle Observateur



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