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Windborne’s Music of Led Zeppelin

Windborne’s Music of Led Zeppelin

Windborne’s Music of Led Zeppelin

Windborne’s Music of Led Zeppelin

Sat, Feb 20, 2016, 8:00pm
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Heinz Hall


Brent Havens, conductor
Brody Dolyniuk, vocalist

About This Performance

This popular concert featuring conductor Brent Havens and vocalist Brody Dolyniuk returns!

Performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and amplified with a full rock band and screaming vocals, Havens and his ensemble capture Led Zeppelin’s “sheer blast and power” riff for riff while cranking out new musical colors.

Delivering a note-for-note interpretation, vocalist Brody Dolyniuk, shrieks brilliantly, acting as a window between the audience and reworked material.

Heightened by rock concert lighting, the symphonic rock hybrid has met with riotous approval at both ends of the hall, explains Havens; “When we first came on stage, the audience gave us polite, almost classical applause. Then we hit the first note and they realized it was a rock show.”

The two-plus hour concert features 18 Zeppelin tunes, including “Stairway to Heaven,” “Heartbreaker,” “Black Dog” and “Immigrant Song.”

The show has proven a great way to introduce rock fans to the symphony experience. “I’m sure there are people who come to these shows who have never seen their city’s symphony orchestra and this allows them to experience something new along with the music that they already love,” says Havens.


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