Alexander Peck Trio

Alexander Peck Trio

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Alexander Peck Trio

Alexander Peck Trio

Tue, Dec 11, 2018, 5:00pm
  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
  • Backstage Bar at Theater Square
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Alexander Peck is a modern American drummer & vocalist, private instructor, composer, and recording artist with a focus on improvisation and the great American songbook. He is also a veteran studio drummer with over 5,000 recordings in his catalog.

Alexander began studying music at age 6 under the tutelage of his father, jazz pianist/composer/lyricist Skip Peck, and mother, drummer/vocalist/lyricist Donna Peck and specifically studying the drums in earnest at age 12. A fourth generation professional musician he often jokes that he wanted to be a CPA but “reluctantly entered the family business”.

Alexander has performed locally and nationally with The Skip Peck Quartet, The Jimmy Ponder Trio, Sean Jones, The Joe Zelek Band, Colonizing The Cosmos, and Heather Kropf as well as internationally with trumpeter/vocalist Chris Norton (of New York City), and pianist Shahin Novrasli (of Azerbaijan) to name a few.

The Alexander Peck Trio performs jazz standards and original compositions in a wide range of styles pulling from eclectic modern tastes and influences, featuring Peck’s earthy vocals.



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