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Inside the Scene featuring David Beck of String Machine

Inside the Scene featuring David Beck of String Machine

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Inside the Scene featuring David Beck of String Machine

Inside the Scene featuring David Beck of String Machine

Wed, Jun 10, 2020, 5:00pm
  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
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The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is excited to launch Inside the Scene, a four-part digital miniseries offering a virtual happy hour and an insider look at Pittsburgh’s growing music community featuring performances and interviews with some of the city’s leading local musicians.

Each live episode will start with a mocktail recipe and either a cocktail recipe or a highlight of a local brewery or winery. Sign up here to get the recipe sent straight to your inbox before each show!

"Originally a solo project, David Beck enlisted a number of friends to help him see his vision through. Through the strength of 7 incredibly talented individuals, Death of the Neon experiments with layers of musicality, emotionality, fragility, and an inimitable ability to render avant-garde imagery into relatable terms. The listener feels empowered, yet invited into the band’s personal vulnerabilities. It would be easy enough to make an attempt at some pointless term of categorization: psychedelic folk, indie rock, post-folk, or if this were the 90's they would probably be dumped into that “alternative” catch-all. But to experience String Machine, either live or on Death of the Neon, is to enter a unique musical world, a world where a wall of sound provides joy while wondering if joy is possible, lays bare the musicians’ wounds while soothing yours, and gives us something synesthetic – these aren’t just songs for your ears; they will resonate throughout your entire body." -Jeffrey Schrader

Photo by David McCandless



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