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Post Erotica: The Anthropology of Motherhood

Post Erotica: The Anthropology of Motherhood

Post Erotica: The Anthropology of Motherhood

Post Erotica: The Anthropology of Motherhood

Fri, Dec 11 - Sun, Jan 24, 2016
  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
  • 709 Penn Gallery
  • Free and open to the public

Artist Statement

"The roots of our ability to cooperate with one another lay not in war-making, as sociobiologists have long argued, but in the unique way that early modern humans reared their children." ~Sarah Hardy, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, UC Davis

“Post Erotica: The Anthropology of Motherhood” is an artistic scrapbook, a collection of moments, a visual diary of valuable experiences of being a mom. A determined undertaking to fully experience connection with my children; to explore the significance of the subtle acts of love and care in their lives. My work also serves as a reminder to realize that hidden in the mundanity of being a caregiver, there are moments that could determine the course of one’s life. Shown through digital inkjet and 3D prints, video, installation, and collages, this show hopes to rekindle memories of one’s relationship with their mother and explore the effects and influence of these moments in the course of their own lives.


Fran Flaherty is an emerging artist living in Pittsburgh for the last 20 years. As a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, her work is centered in issues surrounding migrant family relations and assimilation, maternal feminism, and social work. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Studio Art Program, she synthesizes traditional media (painting, printmaking, and ceramics) and physical computing (digital inkjet printing and 3D printing and modeling). She is also a professional digital fine art printer who has assisted numerous artists in producing their work at Carnegie Mellon’s Digital Arts Studio, which Flaherty founded in 2010.


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