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Jazz time! musical for children and families

Welcome to the Show!

The Trust Arts Education Department is proud to present a musical film specially made for young audiences.


We encourage young viewers to engage by singing and dancing along to the music!



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In this 30 minute production, you will experience the styles and elements of jazz music through a special musical created and performed by local Pittsburgh talents! You and your young ones will begin the show with Grandma Rose as she reminisces about the good old days as a popular vocalist with a band of the finest musicians. After a clumsy fall over the boxes in her attic, Rose awakes to music being played by her old band! Now reunited, they sing the old songs that taught her all about jazz music, exploring tempo, dynamics, melody, improvisation and more. This musical performance adapted for the screen presents children with an introduction to jazz that will be sure to inspire. Recommended for children 6 years and under.


Story by Anqwenique Kinsel
Music and Lyrics by Douglas Levine
Performed by Anqwenique Kinsel, Justin Bechak, Lorenze Jefferson, James Johnson III, and Yoko Suzuki
Video Production by Empty Space Project
Sound Design by Tuff Sound Recording
Produced by Pittsburgh Cultural Trust with support from PNC Grow Up Great