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Pittsburgh Humanities Festival

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The Pittsburgh Humanities Festival, a production of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the Humanities Center of Carnegie Mellon University, is a three-day gathering of internationally-renowned academics, artists, and intellectual innovators in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. The second Festival, March 24 – 26, 2017, will offer intimate conversations, interviews, and performances focused on art, literature, music, science, policy, politics, and more—all helping us to explore what it means to be human. It’s smart talk about stuff that matters.

Have-a-Chat for Humanity: an open call to the community from the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival

You have a story to tell…a passion…an experience. It may be unique to you, your friends, or family. It may be something that is shared across your community or around the world. In one way or another, your story…your passion…your experience, is something that can help all of us explore human culture. Chat with us now, online, for ten minutes. Tell us. What do you want to discuss and how does it help us to explore what it means to be human?

Have-A-Chat for Humanity is part of the second Pittsburgh Humanities Festival – March 24-26, 2017 – and is a YouTube-based open call and audition aimed at providing members of the general public with a chance to get involved with the Festival and engage in dialogue about the humanities. Creators of three top video submissions will be invited to participate on stage at the upcoming Festival. Acceptable discussion topics are limitless, but should relate in some way to this year’s festival theme of “being human.”

Selection Process

The Have-a-Chat for Humanity Jury Panel is comprised of select members of the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival advisory committee. Jurors will review each video submission entirely and convene to select three top submissions based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the auditioning person’s stage presence and merit in commanding a theater audience; ability to articulate a story or discussion points in a cohesive, compelling way; and topic suitability amid the Festival’s diverse overall programming.

Awards & Opportunities

  • Live performance / discussion opportunity at the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival, March 24-26, 2017
  • $200 honorarium per individual or collective
  • Complimentary tickets to experience the entire three-day Festival
  • Media promotion associated with event marketing and public relations efforts


This is an open call for any individual or collective of three or fewer individuals. There are no geographical or other restrictions to audition to Have-a-Chat for Humanity.

Audition (Have-a-Chat)

The audition deadline for Have-a-Chat for Humanity is Monday, February 13, 2017 at 11:59 pm. To audition:

  • Review eligibility requirements above
  • Video record yourself presenting/discussing your topic of choice (e.g. a story, viewpoint, or summary) in a way that conveys to the jury panel what it might be like for you to appear on stage at the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival in front of a live audience. Please keep the video under ten minutes in length.
  • Upload the performance video to YouTube. You will need the video’s web link in order to audition.

Audition Submission Form

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