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Radical Wolfe
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
From a beat reporter at the Washington Post to an overnight sensation as the leader of the New Journalism movement, Tom Wolfe reshaped how American stories are told by recognizing the importance of overlooked subcultures and communities.
The Johnstown Flood (1926)
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The 1926 film “The Johnstown Flood” is a major achievement of the silent film era – and now, a newly-restored version of the film will have its premiere in Pittsburgh as part of the Pittsburgh Silent Film Festival!
The Wolf Man Double Feature
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
What better way to celebrate September's full moon than an evening spent with Universal Studios' most thrilling original monster - the Wolf Man! Host Sean Collier will introduce this horror double-feature that is sure to make you howl.
A Woman of Paris (1923)
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Protagonist Marie St. Clair (Edna Purviance) travels to Paris alone and must choose between true love and a comfortable life of luxury. Directed by Charlie Chaplin, few icons of the twentieth century understood tragedy and heartbreak as he did.
Screenshot Asia: Fremont
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Featuring a cast of unforgettable, unique characters, and anchored by a beguiling debut performance from real-life Afghan refugee Anaita Wali Zada, Fremont is an ode to the curious beauty of trying to build a new life in a strange land.
Screenshot Asia: In My Mother's Skin
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
As World War II in 1945 Philippines is ending, a wealthy family is trapped in their mansion, terrorized by Japanese soldiers. Desperate for help, the family's young daughter turns to a deceitful, flesh-eating fairy, who plans to devour them all.
Screenshot Asia: Hail to Hell
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Na-mi and Sun-woo’s suicide pact is abruptly foiled in this always-surprising good vs. evil comedy-drama-thriller that brilliantly tackles multiple issues, from bullying to religious cults and all their attendant human fallout, with sardonic aplomb.
Screenshot Asia: Autobiography
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Both a coming-of-age morality tale and a riveting political thriller, the feature debut by Indonesian critic turned filmmaker Makbul Mubarak follows the dangerous downward spiral of an 18-year-old as he falls under the spell of his new boss.
Screenshot Asia: Plan 75
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
In a dystopian future, Japan’s government launches a program encouraging the elderly to terminate their own lives to relieve its rapidly aging population’s social and economic burdens in Chie Hayakawa’s remarkable and sensitive feature film debut.
Screenshot Asia: World War III
Harris Theater
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The construction site on which Shakib, a homeless day laborer works, turns into the set of a film about the atrocities committed by Hitler during WWII. Against all odds, he is given a movie role, a house and a chance at being somebody.

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Strange Way of Life
Oct. 8-12

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Farewell My Concubine
Oct. 15-19


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The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's Harris Theater is one of the most active arts facilities in the region showing art films nearly every day of the year.

Formerly known as the Art Cinema, the Harris Theater represents a milestone in the redevelopment of Liberty Avenue. The Art Cinema was the first moving picture house in Pittsburgh to commercially show art movies until competition from other city theaters led to its conversion to an adult movie house in the 1960s. As part of its mission to transform the Cultural District, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust purchased and restored the facility leading to further conversions of run-down properties along the Liberty Avenue corridor. With a total of 194 seats, including a fully restored balcony, the Harris Theater officially opened to the public for movies and live performances on November 9, 1995. The theater is one of the few that has retained 35mm film projectors that are utilized regularly.

The Harris was named through a gift from the Buhl Foundation after John P. Harris, co-founder of the Nickelodeon—the first theater solely dedicated to the showing of motion pictures—and a Pennsylvania State Senator. The Harris Theater features contemporary, foreign, and classic films.

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