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Fri, Jan 22 - Sat, Jan 23, 2016
  • Bridge Theater Series
  • August Wilson Center
  • $10.50 in advance; $12 day-of-show if available

Experience two of Arch8’s most physically awe-inspiriting works—Tetris and My True North—featuring a gravity-defying combination of acrobatics, extreme physicality and movement. How does it all fit together? First up is My True North. Superhuman endurance is exhibited as a roller-coaster of endless flow is created – twisting, turning, and climbing the walls, without ever losing contact. Then, Tetris fits, merges, stacks and combines various feats. The show is about fitting into a group, but also staying true to yourself. If you've ever been a kid who can't sit still, who wants to hurdle over furniture and scale the walls, the cool permutations of these shows are for you!

Arch 8

Recommended for ages 7+
55 minutes


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