Broadway Auto-Renew Frequently Asked Questions

Take the worry out of renewing from season to season. Selecting the Auto-Renew option when placing your season ticket order for the 2020-2021 season will allow you to automatically retain the great seating that you have earned as a season subscriber next year for the 2021-2022 season!

How does Auto-Renew work?

  • For existing subscribers, if you’re happy with your season ticket package and seating and know you will want to renew for the following 2021-2022 season, choose YES to Auto-Renew when renewing your season tickets.

  • For new subscribers, selecting Auto-Renew will allow you to retain your seating into the next season in 2021-2022. New subscribers will have the option of revising their Auto-Renew option after receiving their season seat locations. 

When and how will I be charged?

  • Your saved payment plan and method will be charged in spring 2021 for the PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh 2021-2022 season.

Will I be notified before my payment method is charged?

  • Yes. Prior to the announcement of the 2021-2022 season, we will contact Auto-Renew subscribers with notice that their payment method will be charged. It is important to keep your email address and contact information up-to-date. Please log in to your account to verify or call 412-456-1390.

If I enroll in Auto-Renew and choose a payment plan option, am I charged a payment plan fee?

  • No. Auto-Renew is a free option along with our payment plan option.

If I enroll in Auto-Renew and do not like the new season can I get a full refund?

  • Yes. If you sign up for the Auto-Renew and do not like the following season you can contact us before the renewal deadline for a refund.

If I enroll in Auto-Renew and want to change something about it later, for example the payment option, can I?

  • Yes. As long as it’s before we announce the season. Just call us at 412-456-1390 to make any changes.

If I enroll in Auto-Renew will I receive information about the season when it launches?

  • Yes. Before we announce the season, you will receive an e-mail confirming your Auto-Renew details, including the date we will announce the season. You will receive an e-mail on the day we announce our season with the full season lineup. If you do not like the season you can contact us before the renewal deadline for a refund.

For additional questions, please call 412-456-1390 or Contact Us.

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