Teaching Artist — Disney Musicals in Schools


Disney Musicals in Schools began at Disney Theatrical Group in New York City in 2009 and was established to create sustainable theater programs in public elementary schools. Disney Theatrical Group joins forces with theatrical organizations to bring Disney Musicals in Schools to students across the globe!

Over the years, Disney Musicals in Schools has served thousands of students and has touched the lives of teachers, parents, and members of the greater community as theater programs continue to flourish where there previously were none. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is thrilled to bring Disney Musicals in Schools to the Pittsburgh region.

Goals of the Program:

  • Create sustainable musical theatre programs in public elementary schools.
  • Provide school faculty with the training and tools necessary to support student performance and production, and to empower them to do so.
  • Develop a critical awareness and appreciation of the arts within the school.
  • Develop a strong community including cultural organizations, students, parents, faculty, staff, and neighbors.
  • Expose students and schoolteachers to the wide spectrum of skills that are developed when producing a piece of musical theater, including: critical thinking, problem solving, ensemble building, communication, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills.


  • Demonstrate skills and professional experience in musical theatre including choreography, directing, performance and/or music direction
  • Hold a BA, BS or BFA in Theatre, Education, Educational Theatre, Applied Theatre or related field, or have equivalent experience
  • Have experience working as a Teaching Artist or classroom teacher
  • Have experience working with diverse populations and ages
  • Have experience working on a play or musical with children
  • Demonstrate strong classroom management skills
  • Have excellent collaboration skills and thrive in a group work setting
  • Possess strong time-management skills; be punctual and reliable
  • Demonstrate respect for all students, teachers and administrators participating in the program, and offer a superior level of professionalism, customer service and positivity
  • Be employed according to the standards and procedures set forth in the program agreement (including satisfying all requisite background checks, etc.)
  • Be able to work for a 17-week period (see details below). During those weeks the Teaching Artist must hold 90-minute rehearsals once a week and weeklong tech/dress rehearsals during weeks 15 and 16.

Timeline Details:

August 23-25, 2022 — REQUIRED Teaching Artist Training with Disney Theatrical Group

January 2023 – May 2023 — Rehearsals, On Site School Team Support, and School Performances

May 23rd or 25th, 2023 — Disney Musicals in Schools Student Share Celebration at the Byham Theater


Two teaching artists will be paired together and work with one school on the Disney Musicals in Schools Program.

Primary Roles: Teaching Artist will share the following primary roles: Director, Music Director, Choreographer, and Stage Manager.

  • Oversee the blocking, character work, and general direction of the piece
  • Ensure design, music, acting, and dance all tell the same story
  • Help organize and run production meetings
  • Oversee music in the show
  • Teach the songs
  • Oversee the dance and movement in the show
  • Create, teach, and maintain the choreography throughout the process
  • Create initial rehearsal schedule and manages scheduling throughout the process
  • Help manage and organize the crew, including possible student crew

Secondary Roles: Teaching Artists will advise and guide the school on the tasks involved with these roles but should not fully take them on.

  • Production Manager
    • Ensure that the development and creation of the technical elements is on schedule and on budget. Including sets, costuming, sound, lighting and prop design.
  • Produce
    • Advise on marketing, advertisement, and fundraising for the performance
    • Advise on connecting the show to other content areas
    • Advise on community engagement opportunities

Payment is $97.50/session & $20 planning/session + travel compensation based on location.

To apply: Send resume and cover letter to stephens@trustarts.org