Magnolias for Pittsburgh

two people admiring the magnolia tree sculptures

The corner of 7th and Penn Avenues was once home to the notorious Doc Johnson’s International House of Love Potions and Marital Aids. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust purchased this property in 1992 and transformed it into the 7th and Penn Parklet. Featuring a rotating showcase of world-class public art curated by the Trust, this park works towards the mission to revitalize Downtown Pittsburgh through the arts with a commitment to distinctive design and high-quality architecture. Past installations at the 7th and Penn Parklet have included Alexandr Brodsky's Palazzo Nudo, James O. Loney and David A. Ludwig's collaboration Labyrinth, and Takamasa Kuniyasu’s Season in Spiral. The current exhibit on display at the 7th and Penn Parklet is Tony Tasset’s Magnolias for Pittsburgh, is a superlative example of the value of public art. Magnolias for Pittsburgh includes two bronze magnolia trees nestled amongst five live magnolias in a landscape design.