Tito Way Billboards

a notwhite collective billboard with people walking by

A temporary ‘billboard’ exhibition space in Tito Way features periodically rotating work. Currently on display is the #notwhite collective's Dreaming Forward/Abstract Joy

More About Dreaming Forward/Abstract Joy

Dreaming Forward/Abstract Joy is a message by the #notwhite collective from a future already present. From a decolonial future where the bodies of the global majority are free from hegemony abd nade visible, not as tokens but as icons. From a future where our difference is our glory and is woven into symbols of strength and camaraderie. From a future where technology and ancestral knowledge do not compete but align us towards a truly sustainable progress. This is a message of sisterhood, of radical joy, of fearlessness that speaks from a future that is already swelling in our hearts and minds.

Featured Artists

Veronica Corpuz
Christiane Dolores
Fran Ledonio Flaherty
Sarika Goulatia
Maritza Mosquera
Maggie Lynn Negrete
Sara Tang
Alison Zapata